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Runnin' Wit No Breaks

Warren G

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Yeah, if you want it I got it ya need it baby
yeah, its Warren G beeyatch

[Jah Skills]
(Jah Skills will just speak)
As I enter the G-Funk Era
(tell me why you tweak)
well I dont know why however
my mind is throbbing
I went bobbing for snapple
mixed with E&J so my insides just crackle pop
snap long time ago ya lost ya flow
now you realize wack MCs I must chastize (what)
the gun totin bumpin indosmokin
bad ass english cuz its broken
couldn't turn my styles even if ya had a token
you was hopin that I would quit but (aww shit)
I'm hangin around like nut sacs with a dick
I'm sick, I know that styles abstract up your ass crack
lovin this shit called rap ass burnin through your back (Jah Skills muthafucka)
I'm stoppin fools like blood clots
my lyrics rang out to stop parties like there was gun shots
why oh why oh why well why not
shouldn't I represent this shit called hip hop and it wont stop

[Warren G]
Well are you high yet
Can you recollect ya talk shit you get checked
Mr. Smutly I'm not a punk thief
let me break thee, smoke thee, choke thee and locc thee
muthafuckin M-I-C right now how
wow how dow wow how dow piggy pow
its me, the Warren to the G gee G Z
its me uh can I just please thee
rock the muthafuckin M-I to the C all day all night
cuz I will just fuckin fight till I get mines
my ends, let me roll with my friends
nigga you can't fuck with this cuz uhh I bends
when I bends my style
you can't see this cuz I'm wicked and wild
Mr. Smutly just slow ya muthafuckin roll
its me Warren G on the muthafuckin gangsta stroll
rockin with the T-W-I-N-Ss
so uhh let me just bless this

[Bo Roc]
Have you ever heard of a nigga called Warren G

[Trip Locc]
there ain't no puzzle
I lets it be known that I'm the trip
locc packin mo stackin mo shit than I did before
the real niggaz from the Eastside, darkside
breakin off fools in my way on this whoo-ride
so best believe that I'm a threat
(fuck a chin check)
I'm a shoot him while my nigga blaze up the buddha
and when we light it up, its on
a taste of the Chronic, another nigga gone, but gettin his head flown
(so what you really wanna do) I'd a done it
cuz yo mouth like zip loc so I know you wont run it
top notch glock cock so you remember
the flow that I kick is nuthin less than a life ender
so watch yo step before you step into my path
tryin to take whats mine is some shit I just roll past

Let me tell you how it goes
prime example of a night stalker
caught up in that bind
usin time with my hood as that street walker
(gang bang) so I'm gonna have to take whats mine
notorious bitches but I dont love no one time
so peep it as I take ya down the backstreet
show you how I do it (how ya do it)
I breaks em off to get my ends meet (pow)
victim of the ghetto so I'm sluggin
the man wont give me mine so the whitey I'll keep muggin
I'm trapped up in a cycle but I'm keepin my humanity
cuz I ain't goin out (us niggaz always keep activity)
niggaz say I'm crazy but to others I'm just nutty
cuz I dont give a damn, ya life ain't shit without no money
thats why niggaz keep doin niggaz but I'm not that nigga to be done
ya fuckin around and set it off Long Beach is where I'm from

[G Child]
Whoo!! Spacekateers, in case y'all didn't know
That was Warren G, that was Jah Skills, and that was the Twinz,
This is the G-Child, spacekateer space cadets
Its on like that and its on like this, so dont miss

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