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Mejor Mañana


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Oye, mañana
mejor mañana
Oye Mañana
Gonna get a place in the sun
Mejor Mañana
Gonna get it right and move on
You worry in the morning
'Bout your job and 'bout the future
You ain't got a lot of money
And you feel like breaking up
So welcome to the big club
We're a whole new generation
Our motto is
Join the party have some fun
Oye, Mañana...
So many people talking
Listen up to what they're saying
Don't go looking for the answer
You won't find it anyway
The trouble you've been making
There's a whole new situation
'Cause our motto is
Join the party have some fun
Oye, mañana...
Imagine tomorrow
See the dawn
The shadows are falling
One by one
It's a new day
Oye, Mañana...
Imagine tomorrow

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