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How Do You Feel Now

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What would you say if I said I dont want you anymore?
What would you think if I left your bags outside of the door?
How would you feel if I knew all about your little lies?
What would you do if I saw right through your disguise?
You better start thinking what youd say think feel and do
cause I no longer what anything to do with you a
Hear me just this once
I wont repeat myself again
Its over, finished, done, the end
Can I ask you, can I ask you, how do you feel now?
Let me ask you, let me ask you, how do you feel now?
What could you say that hasnt been said a million times?
What could you think youve always memorized all of your lines?
How could you feel your heart wasnt in it from the start?
What happens when your precious little world comes falling apart?
All those fucking times you fucked with me and played your stupid games
Those days are over now cause the master-slave relationships been rearranged
All those fucking times you left me reeling feeling pathetic
Well Im dealing em back to you in spades and just like you, paybacks a bitch
Its coming its coming its coming back to you
Dont act so surprised like you havent got a clue
Theres nothing theres nothing theres nothing you can do
Your over your finished its curtains for you

Composição de Héctor Acosta
Colaboración y revision:
  • Gerson Andrade

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