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Perfect Sense

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Its been so long since the first day
I met you girl and since then
We've been to heaven and been through hell
We've seen life in each others skin and through each others eyes
You know me better than I know myself
I thought of you today and wondered why
I'd torn down what wed built
I checked my memories felt guilty for the way
I felt I know you think
I think I know everything but that's so far from the truth
Only thing I really know is theres so much for me to learn from you
Don't know the reason why it took me so long to see that
In a less than perfect world you make perfect sense to me
Don't know the reason why it took me so long to see that in a picture perfect world youd always be standing next to me
I've seen that picture too, the one you said you painted in your head
A mural of a perfect home you and I a family and friends
Can't change the past can't change what's passed so I guess theres just one thing to do
Let you know just how I feel and ask to build a new future with you
No need to look down you know if you fall that I will catch you
I'll be your safety net and always remember I'd die for you and no one else but you
I will be here for you I will always be here for you

Composición de Héctor Acosta
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Gerson Andrade

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