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I'll tell you a little story that you may not understand
I live in a country that is not the U.S.A. or England
And we listen to all kinds of music, songs from all the Earth
Memorize the lyrics, sing along and go to surf

The problem with this isn't sing along or like the song
The thing is people start to think like King Kong
If you're not understanding what I'm saying, I can put you on the ground
But it doesn't matter, 'cause the important thing to you is just the sound

People like the sound
People like the sound
People like the sound
I can say you are a screw-up but you'll like the sound

We can write songs in italian, english, german, japanese
And we know that all brazilians are supposed to speak portuguese
So we write about the shit the world is and you listen this
And you think that we're singing 'bout the birds and the beautiful things

Are you understanding now?
Or just hearing the sound?
People think that everybody sings the beauty of the world
But they don't know, they can't pick a word
'Cause people like the sound...

I can say you are a pisshead and you won't care
I can say you are a dumb-ass, that you have no hair
I can say your family sucks, and your city smells like shit
And you'll still be happy and make this song a superhit

'Cause you like the sound
People like the sound
Nobody wants to know what I'm saying
'Cause they're just screaming, jumping, singing, dancing at the sound

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