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There are times when you feel
Lost and lonely
And you need someone to hold on to
You're my river of addiction
And there's no one else
That makes me feel the way that you do

When I take a taste of you
There's nothing sweeter
Like the skins we cruise together
But when you're not around
I start to lose my mind
I need this feeling to last forever
I need you around to ease my soul
And if you're not around
I lose control

*You want me, you got me
Your sweetness is my weakness, yeah
Oh yeah, givin' me love, yeah, givin' me fun
And it's keeping me strong
This givin' you love all the time
Your sweetness is my weakness, yeah

You're my trial
You're my addiction
That keeps me throughout the day
It's the soundtrack of my dreams
And never goes away
I need you forever
With you deep in me
Life is worth living
If your love is waiting for me

In my desperate world
I'm runnin' out of time
Would you take this trigger
Off my heart tonight?

It's the rapture of your wild embrace
That'll keep my sanity in place

So much to do tonight
Your sexy love, your sexy love
If I don't have you every night
I walk the streets as a junkie
Tryin' to find his paradise

Give me one more fix now baby
**Repeat with ad lib to fade

Composición de Walter Davis, Jr.
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Robson miranda

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