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In university vivisection labs another million of government grants is spent
For better money a lawyer sells out the client he's supposed to represent
Insurance companies public relations campaigns are an undisputable lie
Blaming 'insurance fraud' as the reason why premiums are so ridiculously high
They use their advertising propaganda to convince the people that they're not corrupt
And so the disabled are viewed as criminals, while they're the ones who won't pay up
Pharmaceutical stock-holding doctors playing god with peoples lives
They'll subject you to chemotherapy knowing well you won't survive
The whitewashing of minds and the greasing of hands
Is why this capitalist system and government still stands
How many patients will die from a disease without the cause ever being known
Like the members of the military who are now inflicted with gulf war syndrome
Could this be another mysterious disease that they swear lacks their involvement
Or an experiment done by the chemical-biological warfare department
Research and production paid for by the pentagon's black budget funding
That's secretly been agreed to be increased by the next presidential candidate running
Whose office has to be bought quickly because he's running out of time
And his opponent endorsed capital punishment first to show he's tough on crime
The whitewashing of minds and the greasing of hands
Is why this capitalist system and government still stands
But both will agree the reports of political prisoners are merely fairy tales
It's absurd to think that innocent people might inhabit our jails
It's more acceptable and politically profitable to believe the corrupt F.O.P.
Whose true colors are occasionally caught on videotape for the entire world to see
In addition to cops beating dissidents there are more extreme solutions
Like the government sanctioned lobotomies performed in mental institutions
That the state can confidently assure us no longer occurs
Apathy is the condition that their money and propaganda now preserves
The whitewashing of minds and the greasing of hands
Is why this capitalist system and government still stands
Status is manipulated by capital, those with wealth now feed the publics view
Power is kept beyond the peoples reach, the world is run by the few
People of independent and artistic thought have all been ostracized
Now seen as freaks and lunatics culture has been lobotomized
Finances now proclaim importance, the businessmen hold the respected opinion
And possess the means to maintain their power in this capitalist dominion
They take every precaution to insure that our path's already set
And revel in their efforts when we absolutely pose no threat
Just like the child on Ritalin that's force-fed drugs to control behavior
Or the flock of worshippers on their knees obedient servants to their savior
Or the people who once stood defiant that alcohol now keeps complacent
Or the suppression of the imagination, thanks to mindless entertainment
The entertaining of our minds leads to the containing of our lives
Where compassion has no place but capitalism thrives
And the ruling class survives because money dictates what's right
While the ills of our society are conveniently kept out of sight
When we mirror their ideals and adhere to money and control
It affects all facets of our lives and swiftly takes its toll
No person or profession is immune from moneys filthy reach
It turns us against one another and keeps us on a leash
When money and distractions reinforce the oppressive grasp
Any hopes of creating change will regrettably collapse
The more problems we have as individuals, the more we seem to miss
The more they divert our attention the more they can accomplish
The whitewashing of minds and the greasing of hands
Is why this capitalist system and government still stands
We naively believe that if we just play their game then maybe we stand a chance
We step on one another in hopes that our lives will soon advance
We overlook each other's needs and give in to the pressures of the state
We don't trust our leaders when it comes to politics but we allow them to control our fate
If we live our lives under their heel do we really have a choice
But to break the cycle of silence and raise our dissenting voice
To support government oppression by indifference may not be our intent
But it's still just as effective as if we gave them our consent

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