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The Growing Wealth Gap

Behind Enemy Lines

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Despite the wage stagnation the economy still has the illusion of growth
Because people are now deeper in debt, spending more than what they're worth
Working more jobs and hours for less pay in an effort to get by
Enticed with the buy now, pay later pitfall you gladly just comply
Maxing out on credit cards burying yourselves deeper in debt
Owing thousands of dollars to creditors you haven't worked for yet
Our credit enables you to purchase instant gratification
And material possessions alleviate feelings of indignation
You'll spend your entire life trying to escape from our economic cage
Living off of unemployment or trying to survive on a starvation wage
We'll gladly pay for your education encouraging careers
Then we'll capitalize on the interest you'll be paying for twenty years
We've gone through all of the trouble of trapping you in jobs with pay reduced
And if after all of our efforts you're still reluctant to produce
We'll take your job security elsewhere, we'll ship it overseas
Where people will happily line up to do whatever we please
They'll work for practically nothing and never threaten us with strikes
So stay in line or your place of employment will be your former company site
We've lobbied for all of this leverage that we hold above your head
We'd rather not pay the worker so we'll pay the politicians instead
Who in turn push through the "trade laws" under a mask of America 's best interest
Cutting out the work force due to corporate reassessment
With no worldwide exploitation laws the world is for the taking
Our CEO's are making billions off the products that the workers are making
Are you tired of working for nothing?
Are you tired of working just to get by?
Are you tired of working to line others pockets, so they can get rich while you barely survive?
By making slave labor more accessible to the American corporations
We don't have to worry about health benefits or safety regulations
NAFTA was the biggest scam we ever sold to the American public
Convincing all of you suckers that it really was for your benefit
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and you always wonder why
As you pay for your oppression with every product that you buy
We refuse to pay the world a living wage, the companies wouldn't collapse
But you'd simply gain a little ground in the growing wealth gap
The boss who rides you everyday, is also the one who signs your pay
Do you stay and deal with all the shit or quit and find another way
To feed your family, keep them warm and make the best with what you get
Let them threaten you with loss of job and be thankful that it hasn't happened yet

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