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Hotel Can't Afford Ya

Bethany Joy Lenz

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
Bm                        F# 
From a dark desert highway, we pulled into the inn 
A                        E 
Rome called for a census, I was from Bethlehem 
G                       D 
Up above from a distance a star was giving me light 
My wife was heavy 'cause her child was due 
We had to stop for the night 

Bm                       F# 
So I stood in the doorway of Bethlehem hotel 
A                                       E 
And I was thinking to myself "I hope to heaven they'll give me some help" 
G                         D 
But they told us no-can-do and they sent me away 
Em                                       F# 
"There's a place around the corner though where you both can stay" 

G                            D 
Welcome, but the hotel can't afford ya 
       Em                     Bm 
Such a lovely place but we're out of space 
G                                   D 
Ran out of room and the hotel can't afford ya 
         E                     F# 
It's the time of year with the census here 

Bm                            F# 
My wife was definitely gifted, that's what the Lord's angel said 
A                               E 
She was about to have a baby boy while still virgin 
G                               D 
Spent the night in the barnyard, cheap slumlord's rent 
Em                    F# 
Some night to remember, some night to forget 

Bm                               F# 
So because of what happened I was grieving for my wife 
I said "They probably haven't cleaned in here since B.C. 65" 
G                              D 
Animal voices were calling for straw and hay 
Em                                            F# 
Keeping you up through the middle of the night just as if to say… 

G                            D 
Welcome, but the hotel can't afford ya 
       Em                      Bm 
Such a lovely place, but we're out of space 
G                                D 
Holiday rush and the hotel can't afford ya 
Em                     F# 
What a nice surprise for your silent night 

(Play next verse quieter) 
Bm                          F# 
He was born that evening and shepherds came that night 
             A                             E 
And they said "We're all just visitors here of the Holy Christ" 
G                            D 
And in an donkey’s manger, they found the boy asleep 
Em                             F# 
They started getting teary eyed so they went back to their sheep 

Bm                              F# 
Last thing I remember there were wise men at the door 
A                                     E 
They had a bunch of packages from the place they were before 
G                                       D 
"We're late," said the wise men "We had problems Christmas Eve 
Em                                     F# 
We've been checking out your shiny light all through the Middle East" 

Tabbed by Brian Mehlman
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