Cifra Club

Time With You

Billy Currington

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Daily time is stealin me away again
But i just want to lay back down
Another night gone and don't know where it went
What i need more than anything right now is


Time with you
More time with you
To laugh and talk and play
And to make more love to you..
Oh there's nothing in this world i'd rather do
than spend time with you..oooh

Seven days you and me in paradise
the world revolvin around us
we'd still be there and forever
if the choice was mine
'Cause seven days that's not enough


Im gone for now
to do the things i have to do
But baby you know i live for you

Composición de Billy Currington/Carson Chamberlain/Casey Beathard
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Bruno Candeloro
  • Camila Handjewsky

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