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Sweet Home Chicago

The Blues Brothers

Tab de bajo: Principal
This is my first tab, I had help from my uncle who's been playing for like 20 years.
Its pretty close, just not as fancy as the one on the soundtrack, but if you play it
with the cd, it matches up.  Good luck.

Intro (Play this at the very end of the guitar's intro.)

G --------------|
D --------------|
A -0--2--3/-----|
E --------------|


G ---------------6-----------------------------------6-----------------6-|
D -----6-6--9-9--------------------4-------6-6--9-9----------6-6--9-9----|
A -7-7-------------------4-4--7-7-----7-7---------------7-7--------------|
E ------------------5-5--------------------------------------------------|

G -------------------------------------------------------6----------------6-|
D -----------------4-------------------4-------6-6--9-9----------6-6--9-9---|
A -------4-4--7-7-----------4-4--7-7------7-7---------------7-7-------------|
E --5-5----------------5-5--------------------------------------------------|

G ----------------2/------------------------------------------------------|
D ------1-1--4-4---------------------4/-----------------------------------|
A -2-2---------------------4-4--7-7------7-7--5-5--4-4-------7(Let Ring)--|
E --------------------5-5-------------------------------7-7---------------|

Repeat from the start and that it.

/  slide up
Composición de Leon Russell / Marc Benno / Robert Johnson / Robert Leroy Johnson
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