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Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G#
MAINSTREET from ?Night Moves? (1976)Transcribed by Tyler SemmelmanPlay in standard tuningIntro/Riff:E|--18?--18-16-15--16---16-18-16?-15b16r15-13------11-13-15-16------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--18?--18-16-15--16---16-18-16?-15b16r15-13-----11----------------|B|---------------------------------------------13----13---11-13-11--|G|------------------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|Verse:D                                    C         G    EmI remember standing on the corner at midnight,                 D          C     G       EmTryin' to get my courage up               D                               C             G   EmThere was this long, lovely dancer in a little club downtown                     D          C G EmI loved to watch her do her stuff            Bm           Bsus2       Bm        Bsus2    F#mThrough the long, lonely nights, she filled my sleep,                G               Em        G/AHer body softly swayin' to that smoky beatChorus (w/riff):        D         C     G   EmIn the pool halls, the hustlers and the losers,I used to watch 'em through the glassWell I'd stand outside at closing timeJust to watch her walk on pastUnlike all the other ladies, she looked so young and sweetAs she made her way alone down that empty streetSolo (over chords)And sometimes even now, when I'm feelin' lonely and beat,I drift back in time, and I find my feetThe main riff is changed slightly during each chorus (it getssimpler each time) and there is a piano accompaniment throughout.Sorry I don?t have the solo yet; this is my first tab.Check out http://*
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