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Make You Say

Bobby Valentino

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[Verse 1]
Stop for a second
Let me tell you something
I siad girl you so sexy, you got it goin' on
I wunna take you ot and do some things thet you never did
Swear you wildin' like you confident
Damn I'm fallin'

[Hook 1]
Got me aleays thinkin' bout you
Sometimes I be dreamin' bout you
And girl I know I am da rite man for you
Let me do it like this let me do it like that
I can do it any way you mant
Take you roun' my mom take you round' my daddy girl
That's why I'm the only man


[Verse 2]
Even though we just met
I feel somethin'
Let's sparkle and go out
We gone move you in
I know I move fast but time don't stand still
Let me know wut da deal look at me I'm 4 real

[Hook 2]
Got me always thinkin' bout you
Cuz sometimes I be dreamin' bout you
U don't be blowin' me up girl you so cool
Let me do it like this
Let me do it like that
I can do it any way you won't
Take you round' my mom
Take you round' daddy girl
Dats why I'm da only man girl

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