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Ain't Gonna Be

Bobby Valentino

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aint gonna be [x4]

you don't know the hell i've gone through to be with you (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
i've paid the bills and the credit cards
girl you know i do what i gotta do
i didn't do the things i did
to be treated like this (no no no no no)
girl i don't like the attitude
lemme tell you now, before i get pissed at you

ain't gon be no one night stands (aint gonna be, aint gonna be)
ain't gon be no cheatin on me
ain't gon be lovin somebody else then you gon expect me to be with you
aint gon be tellin no lies
aint gon be no 'baby why'
aint gon be no cheatin on me
beggin on my knees
when you know that i love you, you, you, you, you

for years, i put into you
now you wanna act confused
got you a crib, two kids, a jag and a benz
ill do anything you want me to
took the time to let you in my heart
now you aren't sure that you wanna be with me
you're supposed to be my girl, my everything, my world
lemme tell you what there aint gonna be


baby all i want
is a love thats true
after all this time
was i wrong about you?
cause i've been hurt before
i wont be hurt no more
its not like i don't have no trust
baby i've just had enough

[chorus until fade]

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