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I Made My Excuses And Stayed

Bobby Valentino

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I only popped in for the one
To pick up the gossip
And sup up and run
One or two minutes at best
But there was this new face
and I was impressed
She sat at my table
And sippped lemonade
I made my excuses and stayed

This angel ignored me at first
I quickly developed
A suitable thirst
Suddenly I caught her eye
And uttered a greeting
To hear her reply
"It's tough for a girl on her own I'm afraid"
I made my excuses and stayed

I hadn't intended to linger
Our sense were quick to react
There was a ring on her finger
I chose not to dwell on that fact

We talked for a hour or two
She stuck to her soda
She held on like glue
This woman was winning my vote
With each Shirley Temple
That slipped down her throat
Her laughter grew louded
The orchestra played
I made my excuses and stayed

They rang the last orders bell
I offered to walk her
Back to her hotel
I started to say my goodbye
Right there in the lobby
She started to cry
One kiss was enough
I confess I was swayed
I made my excuses and stayed
I made my excuses and stayed

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  • Guilhermina Lumeka

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