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Heaven My Angel Part II

Bobby Valentino

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I think i found what i been looking for.
Even though i saw you girl,you were still invisible
All this time girl,little did i know
You had the key ,to unlock my heart
You keep me on cloudddd 9
dont wanna fall down ooh please keep me high
Iwanna stay on cloud 9
Not gonna mess up,no not this time

Girl ,spread your wings ,and take me with you
Suspended in air with you babe
Let me fly away with you
Ifeel that you fell straight from heaven
Ifeel tha i gotta piece of heaven

After all these years girl ,your still beautiful
Wait,stop,hit cruise control
Iwanna fly fly to cloud 24
Thats where lovers gooo,at night
You got my body ,you got my mind
Thats where i wanna go tonight
Not gonna mess up ,no girl not this time

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