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Lady don't you know you smell like winter
Even though you radiate like summer
Flip the seasons the I write discovered
Time away from you goes unrecovered

I've been leaving out my open heart and chest
Just so you can feel my life
Drying underneath the overbearing Sun
Like a Venus summertime

I don't think we move in time
Out on the brink it's sublime
The whole world spins around us and passes us by
Like visits from UFOs
So far nothing we know
Let's keep this time ingrained anywhere that we go

Baby we got so much road to uncover
Take you far above this world to another
I wanna see if there are really people like us on Mars
But I know there's nobody like you anywhere in the stars

I've been dreaming about us in zero gravity
All the shit that we would do
Excited and obsessed about all of the new
Forget all the dark and blue

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