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Bruce Springsteen

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: E
INTRO: E E E B A C#m B X3 (Turn distortion on here)E E A A B

Lights out tonight
A              B   
Trouble in the heartland
Got a head-on collision
A              B
Smashin' in my guts, man
     E                     A
I'm caught in a cross fire
That I don't understand

But there's one thing I know for sure girl
I don't give a damn
         A              B
For the same old played out scenes
I don't give a damn
     A             B
For just the in betweens
E                                   A
Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul
I want control right now
Talk about a dream

Try to make it real
You wake up in the night

With a fear so real
Spend your life waiting
                                 B  A
For a moment that just don't come
              B             A   B
Well, don't waste your time waiting

E                    A               C#m  B
Badlands, you gotta live it everyday
        E              A
Let the broken hearts stand
                              C#m  B
As the price you've gotta pay
We'll keep pushin' till it's understood
          A                      C#m  B   E E A A B
And these badlands start treating us good

VERSE II:Use the same chords form the first verse.(In some live versions, Bruce does a 
little note picking when the chords change.  It seemed easy enoungh to tab out.

Workin' in the fiedls             E|-7-5-7|    
Till you get your back            burned                                  
Workin' `neath the wheel
Till you get your facts learned
Baby I got my facts
Learned real good right now
You better get it straight darling
Poor man wanna be rich,
Rich man wanna be king
And a king ain't satisfied
Till he rules everything
I wanna go out tonight,
I wanna find out what I got
Well I believe in the love that you gave me
I believe in the love that you gave me
I believe in the faith that could save me
I believe in the hope
And I pray that some day
It may raise me above these

CHORUS: Same chords as before.


E         A      B
mmmmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm X4

VERSE III:Still the same chords.  Turn your guitar up, and palm mute The chords as you
play them.

For the ones who had a notion,
A notion deep inside
That it ain't no sin
To be glad you're alive
I wanna find one face
That ain't looking through me
I wanna find one place,
I wanna spit in the face of these badlands

CHORUS: Same chords. End with:


OUTRO(optional):This is yet another thing Bruce does in some live versions.
Turn the distorion on and play:


          End with: A A A B B B E (Let the E ring out)
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