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Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Hope fills my soul,
And the love that youʼve shown
Brings refreshing like the rain

Peace floods my heart,
Iʼve known nothing apart
Apart from your goodness god

You are glorious,
You are holy, holy
The heavenʼs shout,
You are worthy, worthy

My soul cries out,
You are holy, holy
The nations will shout,
You are worthy, worthy

Your love frees my soul,
And fear has no hold
For you have broken the chains

Now joy fills my life,
Your spirit your light
I'm undone by the kindness of christ

At the sound of our praise,
The heavens will shake
And the earth will move

Colaboración y revision:
  • Vinícius Batista

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