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Buffy (série)

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
           C                Gm              C            Gm           Dm
(Buffy) Life?s a show and we all play our parts, and when the music starts
     Am          G
We open up our hearts.
    C                 Gm              C          Gm            Dm
It?s all right if some things come out wrong, we?ll sing a happy song
   Am            G
And you can sing along.

          C5                         C5                 C5                    C5
"Where there?s life there?s hope, everyday?s a gift, wishes can come true, Whistle while
             G5     G5
you work", so hard all day
 Dm               F        Dm                  F      G
To be like other girls, to fit-in in this glittering world.
   Am          G        Am           G
Don?t give me songs, don?t give me songs--
   D                A#     A     G   A
Give me something to sing about!
  D                  A#     A    G   A
 I need something to sing about!

      C               Gm            C          Gm           Dm
Life?s a song you don?t get to rehearse, and every single verse
    Am                 G
Can make it that much worse.
      C                Gm             C       Gm               Dm
Still my friends don?t know why I ignore, the million things or more
    Am             G
I should be dancing for.

    C5            G5      C5         G5
All the joy life sends, family and friends,
    C5            G5      C5            G5
All the twists and then, knowing that it ends
  G5    G5
Well that depends
   Dm            F         Dm                F        G
On if they let you go. On if they know enough to know
  Am          G          Am        G
That when you bow, you leave the crowd.
  Em         Bm        F#m              Em                         D   Dm
There was no pain, no fear, no doubt-- until they pulled me out of Heaven
  Em         Bm        F#m              Em                             D Dm
So that?s my refrain. I live in Hell, because I?ve been expelled from Heaven
                  D  Dm
I think I was in Heaven.
   D                     A#    A    G      A     D
So give me something to sing about!
                         A#    A    G      A     D
Please!  Give me something...

          Em         Bm        F#m                Em                       D  Dm
(Spike) Life?s not a song...Life isn?t bliss... Life is just this... It?s living.
 Em          Bm       F#m                  Em               D  Dm
You?ll get along. The pain that you feel, only can heal by living.
                   D  Dm                   D Dm
You have to go on living, so one of us is living.

(Dawn) The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

Any suggestions, please feel free to email me:
Thanx! Oh this Musical ROCKS!!!
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