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Botha The Mosquito

Bunny Wailer

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Ever since the abolition of slavery, all nations scarred by the great sore, has revolutionized the ideological errors of their forefathers, creating a civilization where human beings of whatever color, race or creed, should be born with the equal privileges of the Fundamental Humans Rights, as established by The League of Nations with respect to all human beings.

But if human beings are what they are supposed to be, then surely this cannot be seen in Botha, and if the beast was discovered in Adolph Hitler and Mussolini, the antichrists, evidently, this can be seen in President Botha, the mosquito.

President Botha is the mosquito
who annihilate Africa.
President Botha with the deadly bite
spreads the disease of apartheid.

It was Columbus, Drake, Hawkins, Raleigh and Scott
who established colonialism.
This aspired Livingston, Rhodes and Smith
who brought about a sub-human regime.
With the aid and support from mystery Babylon
started the buying and selling of Africans.
It became a marketplace for human cargo
and the burial ground for the inhabitants.

From the stagnant swamps of colonialism
sprung the virus of apartheid.
From the rituals of imperialism
evolves mass murders and genocide.
Unquenchable greed and lust for power
blind the eye to international morality.
Neglect and disrespect for humanity
scares the whole international community.

President Botha. Hey!
Respect Tutu and Mandela.
President Botha. Pull out!
Pull out a Africa.
President Botha. Hey!
Respect Tutu and Mandela.
President Botha. Ease!
Pull out a Africa.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey of Jamaica
prophesied of a liberated Africa.
When the East and the West and the North together
unites to liberate South Africa.
The OAU and the United Nations
must stop all hypocritical sanctions.
For violation of the Fundamental Humans Rights
could cause racial confrontations.

By men like
Botha (is the mosquito)
who annihilate Africa.

President, president, president...

Composición de Neville Livingston
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Felipe Menezes

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