Cifra Club

The Bridge

Casting Crowns

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: A
[Primeira Parte]

                Bm   D
Oh, you lead us home
A   E
Oh, oh

Bm                  D             A   
The world’s getting darker by the day
                    E                      Bm
I’m on my knees but don’t know what to pray
                   D                 A  E
The broken things that broken people do
                     Bm               D
But knowing just how far You came for me
              A                E 
Gives me hope for every soul I meet
                      Bm                  D
There’s no one so far gone that You can’t reach
So reach through me
         E                      A 
Let them see, Lord, let them see


A                Bm
Your love is the bridge
You built with a cross
And Your truth is the light
That searches for the lost
Your grace won’t stop reaching
Your mercy won’t let go
‘Cause Your love is the bridge
                        Bm  D
And Your truth leads us home
A E             Bm  D A E 
Oh, You lead us home, oh

[Segunda Parte]

Bm             D                    A  
You never told the broken they were whole 
                    E                        Bm
You spoke the truth that healed their broken souls
                  D                     A E
You’d never leave us here to fight alone
                      Bm                  D 
With love we earn the right to speak Your truth 
                      A                 E
It’s not just what we say, it’s what we do
               Bm                   D
I want to be a bridge that leads to You
So reach through me
         E                   A
Let them see, Lord, let them see 


F#m  D             A 
   No rescue so relentless
   E                  F#m
No greater love than this
      D              A 
Where sin leaves a canyon
     E              F#m
Your love builds a bridge
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Composición de Bernie Herms / Mark Hall / Matthew West / Seth Mosley
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