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Windows, they seem to echo as the rain falls down on the street
And the treetops, branches hung like dreadlocks, don't really make such a great shelter over me
But that's ok cause I like the way the rain falls so I carry on my way

I know how it feels to lie down feeling that everything's going wrong because of me
It's useless thinking of excuses, just grab your favourite hat and leave
Going nowhere special I just like the way the rain falls so I carry on my way

Sometimes you're gonna fall, fall against this crumbling wall
You know nothing stays the same, so go on a moonlit walk through the rain

Streetlights seem to hug me so tight and I know everything's gonna be alright
When the leaves fall and the woods call and the moon seems to kiss me goodnight
And I know nothing really matters cause I like the way the rain falls and I carry on my way

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