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It Ain't Easy

CJ Hilton

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This is for my playas that be paying child support
This is for my brothers that be staying in them courts
Your not the only homie in the hood going thru this/ I'ma living witness
I'ma show u how to do this/ Don't let nothing turn you around
get your money man/ Watch those haters on the outside they'll
try to change your plan/ And keep a third eye for them shorties
with they hand out/ Playas in BMORE know exactly what i'm talking bout

It ain't easy ( Brother)
Hustling to make a dollar
It ain't easy ( Sister)
Raising a baby trying to go to college

We ain't never seen days like this
To get the old days back i wish
Cause it ain;t easy

This is for them shorties who be working them two jobs
I'ma be right there to hold u down when it gets to hard
Don't listen when they say u won't be able to do it
Keep your head up baby you gone get thru it/ Girl u need
a good man shorty don't waste your time/ You know he ain't
for you shorty follow your fisrt mind/ And if he ain't doing right
girl you don't need him/ Girl you got the courage pack your shit
up and leave him/ Even though it ain't easy

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