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I Hope


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
Intro  A D A Am x2 
A         D 
Everytime somthing goes wrong 
   A                     Am 
It always gets blamed on me 
A               D 
I just wish the whole wide world 
A                    Am 
Would get on in harmoney 
C                    A 
I hope everything is ok now 
C                    A 
I hope everyone is alright 
C                    A 
I hope everything is ok yeah yeah yeah 
C                     A 
I hope everyone...... is alright  
G   D       A 
Now you and me 
    G             D    A 
Can Live together happily 
       G  D          A 
Theres no stoping us now 
   G           D                   A 
As long as the world keeps spining around around around 
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