Cifra Club

Could You

Daniel Merriweather

Letra: Original
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.

I hope you're not a butterfly who's gonna spread it's wings and fly away, yeah-ee-yeah-ah
I hope you're not the moving type who's gonna up and pack and walk away

[Bridge to Chorus:]
I need you to be there
To treat me like you care
I need you to be where
anywhere I need you
I need you to myself
Not layin' with anyone else
I need you next to me for always

[Chorus 1:]
Could you be my sunshine
(Could you be my sunshine)
On a cloudy day?
(On a cloudy day)
Could you be my yellow
(Could you be my yellow)
When I'm feeling grey?
(When I'm feeling grey)

I hope you're not the type to jump into the car and twist the key goodbye oh-oh-ah-oh
I hope you're not the type that's quick to say goodbye and not give it a chance.

[Repeat Bridge to Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus 1:]

Chorus 2
Could you be my river
And help me float away
Could you be my sunshine
On a cloudy day

(Instrumental with backing vocals)

[Repeat Chorus 1:]

[Repeat Chorus 2:]

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