Cifra Club

It Happens Every Day

Dar Williams

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: C
INTRO: F  G  C  (2x)

                  F      G            C  
The first part of every day for me is good
             F        G              C  
I've got the bus stop in my neighbourhood
                    Em       F               C
And everything's on purpose, everywhere they go
             Em      F              G
Hiding in my car and running in the snow
         C       Em              Am       G
Running with the friends they'll know for years
     F       C        Csus4/F     C
I've seen it all from here,  from here

              G      F               C
Happens every day, before they go to school
                    G          F            C
They play until the bus drives up beside my lawn
                          G          F                   C
And there's always been a mother who waits 'til they are gone
Then she turns away
            C    Em   F  G  C  
Happens every day

               F          G             C  
Noon comes and turns this campus upside down
            F        G               C  
I watch the students in this college town
                        Em        F                 C
You would think they're carefree, I have seen their trials
              Em              F                G
Frowning into Shakespeare and practicing their smiles
     C    Em     Am  G
Even underlining Nabokov
     F    C      Csus4/F   C
When I am not in love,  in love

                 G               F             C
It happens every day, with their journals in cafes
                      G        F            C
Looking up at their reflection on the other wall
               G              F                     C
With every new idea wondering if they've changed at all
And then they look away
            C    Em    F  G  C    F  G  C    F  G  C  
Happens every day

                 F           G            C  
Well, life is as hard and as easy as they say
            F           G              C  
Walking the steps we've chosen on this day
                Em       F                C
Some will be outrageous, some have rarely shown
                  Em       F               G
Some will walk in couples, some will walk alone
     C      Em       Am      G
As I think about the world I see
     F         C        Csus4/F   C
They stare and smile at me,    at me

                 G          F               C
It happens every day at the crossing of the street
                          G       F                C
Walking out to see what's new and what is just the same
                      G       F           C
And the only word for love is everybody's name
And that will always stay
Happens every day
    F              G             Am     F  G  C    F  G  C  C
And every day will happen without you
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