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Little Town

Dar Williams

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: D

[Verse 1]
Bm                                         F#m
It's nothing that you did, you gotta understand
                      G           A             D
You're taking it too fast, it's going way too fast
                       Bm                               G
It's nothing that you did, it's not the color of your skin
                           D                       A
The one thing you should know, you gotta take it slow
G                                    A                  Bm
What they call the shifting of the sands I see as your demands
When you change you can't ignore
What things are and were before

[Chorus 1]
     G              A            D
My family has been here for generations
     G                A            D
And now I have two children of my own
       C                      Bm     C                 Bm
And I knew that I would stay here, always knew I'd stay here
It's not a new world that you found
It's just a little town

[Verse 2]
           Bm                      F#m
Everybody knows who was born and raised here
                   G           A                D
The mayor is my friend, I've known him all my life
                 Bm                     G
Each year he and I plan the Fourth of July
                     D                    A
So why'd he ask you too? You, especially you?
G                                A                           Bm
He said this town, for all its pride, it's been dying from inside
And we've got to find our way
We'll start with Independence Day

[Chorus 2]
            G             A              D
And as the fireworks came up above the mountain
    G                A               Bm
I saw you put your hand up to your heart
       C               Bm      C                  Bm
And I saw the mayor watching, knew my kids were watching
Hope that I would come around
Big parade, little town


G                           A               Bm        F#m
Now the months come after months and every Fourth of July
G              A                      Bm           F#m
We help our children putting all the flags on the line
G                A                   Bm               F#m
Up and down the Main Street, every country that we're from
C                      Bm
Like the mayor always wanted
C                          Bm          A
He's been gone for seven years now

[Verse 3]
D                  Bm                    F#m
It's quiet by the lake, walking with our dogs
                 G             A                D
How long has it been, oh it's been a long time now
                     Bm                          G
We talk about this town, you're the mayor of it now
                    D                     A
They're all moving here, everyone comes here
    G                                 A
We like to say we don't get out that much
'Cause the whole world comes to us
                             G                         D
We can't blame them now, we say, we are just a little great
         G                 A
And you know that I'm not proud
Those things I dared to say out loud
                     G                                 D
But you wave it all away, my friend, you wave it all away

[Chorus 3]
        G               A            D
But my kids, they went off in all directions
       G                   A             Bm
And I know it's thanks to you they have returned
C                        Bm         C              Bm
They have all this understanding, all this understanding
They have been the world around
And they came back to our little town

Bm F#m
G  A   D
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