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You Rise And Meet The Day

Dar Williams

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Am

[Verse 1]
             C              Am                     F
We could pretend that we're walking on petals and light
        C     G
Golden light
 C             G          Am          C
Flaunting our love like a dance step mastered
F                     C      G
Turning from left to right
    Dm             E                 Am
But after all the colored lights are gone
Dm                  E             Am
Time will leave the ashes and the dawn
     Am       C        F
You rise and meet the day

[Verse 2]
     C            G             Am        G
I'm watching you go, it's like spying on hope
F                         C     G
Ever onward with more to burn
 C           G             Am
Giving your hands and your heart
        G            F                            C     G
To the weave of the world, though it fights each turn
    Dm              E          Am
But you do not give up so easily
       Dm              E              Am
That's how I know you won't surrender me
You rise and meet the day
     C                Em            Am
It's all I need, it's all I need to know
     G              F      Dm
It's all I need to know

[Verse 3]
       E                  Am   C
And I love you all the time
Dm            E
I had always feared that some
 Am                       F
Gloomy ingratitude would seize me
     C                 Am
But you have held the dream
Like every morning finds
   G                             Dm
A way to hang the sun up in the sky
        E                 Am      Dm
And now I think I have it too –
              E                  Am
The greatest part I learned from you
You rise and meet the day


Em  F#  Bm
Em  F#  Bm  G#m  G

[Verse 4]
    C          G          Am           G
And I can see kids, maybe ours, maybe not
      F                    Am         G
Oh oh oh, I can hear what they'll say
 C           G                Am             G
Laughing at pictures with the old-fashioned hats
          F                         C      G
And the clothes that we're wearing today
     Dm                  E             Am
And they will know the true and humble power
   Dm                   E                Am
Of love that made it through the darkest hour
You rise and meet the day
     C                Em            Am
It's all I need, it's all I need to know
     G              F
It's all I need to know
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