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Dead End Lives


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Our daily lives, a time bomb frustration
In a system we're too
Fucked up to destroy
As we circle downwards,
Fast forward our destruction,
All evolution will imploded
Dead-end lives
Our apathy gives power to the system
Its jaws locked in a constant stranglehold
You try to break he chains,
You know it's fuckin'useledd as the seed
Is planted deep within our souls
Dead-end lives
We cannot change the system without
Changing, drastically, our lives break
The chains within your mind
Fuck them and their
Dead-end lives
Our daily lives,
A time bomb of frustration in a system
We must set out to destroy
As we circle downwards,
Fast towards our destruction
Our revolution
Will explode
Dead-end lives

Composición de Tomas Lindberg
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Evandro Bezerra

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