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Real Life

Diva Rebelo

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: E
E            E/G#
He only gets free hides
A            B      E
She was born on her own
E                  E/G#   A  B
And walked all the way here
E                   E/G#
He´s just gonne disappear 
A              B
For about five seconds
E                    B       A
And come back at five in the morning

(AA# - BCC#)
D7                 C#7
With that mean face on
A          B
And she in boredom

(AA# - BCC#)
D7         C#7
Taking her pills 
       A    B
To survive 

(AA# - BCC#)
D7                C#7     A    B
Locked in the bathroom to cry
G       A       G       B
And not solve anything
E                A    B     E
Uh, up to up, to down real life
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