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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

F*ck you
Already 2 years have passed now.
Listen you fake reporters who have accused us of being gangsters-
Jae Yong with the MIC speaks now
My heart totally fell on your nonsense article that we DOC
That had stayed quiet,
Was breaking up as the people said 'Whats wrong with them? Are they still out
of their minds?'
What the h*ll was your plan?
Why are you writing something that puts me down?
Fine, write it, F*ck, write it!
Use your remarkable brains and pens.
I will no longer watch this, like a pitcher who's been hit with a homerun
like the old days.
If you have pen and paper, I have my sorrowful voice and MIC.

Forget it
Shut UP!
F*ck you
Go away
F*ck this
Shut up!

'Come, come, come and go'
'Change your lyrics'
'Do this, do that'
Forget that
Radio listening is the epitome of stupidity
Forget that nonsense
Who's inspecting who?
Do you think we are still under the rule of the Japs?
Don't get it wrong or you'll get hurt
Shut the f*ck up
You better shut up!

Even though the predeliberation law has disappeared
The inspection law clearly still exists
It's just changed its name to 'protecting teens'
But know this
Your inspection law is illegal

Now we will be united to fight
Destroy that selfish inspection law


What you want is some position higher than others.
The position that you claimed with hypocritism
I can see it with my eyes how much you neglected the truth.
Throwing your body to claim popularity,
Acting funny no matter what,
Sucking up to those stronger than you.
You still can't wake up from that dream
You will live as trash for the rest of your life!
F*ck you
Your just an empty shell,
Your words and actions don't match,
Your records don't speak the honest truth.
You only say that your the real MC
As longs as everyone holds the MIC
Anyones an MC.
Whos da man with da master plan?
Whos the best MC?

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