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Clear Eyes

Domo Genesis

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Damn, i never pictured this
I'm so high this shit's ridicules
Where did i put my shit? wait, wait, okay, here it is
As i light this place up
Just me alone so the joints get faced up
Floatin' through the stars my whole nights all spaced up
And my thoughts tryna build my place up
Phones buzzin' so i reach and try and read it
But my visions kinda blurry so i really can't see it
Somethin' important, it might be it
Or maybe a bitch that don't need shit
Close my eyes and the shit that i'm seein'
Is the reason that i be in the moods that i be in
Damn i'm really baked
I can't tell if i'm asleep or i'm awake
I'll just sit and wait, yeah, i'll just sit and wait

Domo, nigga, open the fuckin' door, nigga
Shit, we got shit to do come the fuck on, it's cold nigga

Lemme try to sober up
Throw some water on my face only if it's cold enough
Confidently whippin' my face with my shirt
Lookin' in the mirror like that ain't work, damn

Domo, open the fucking door, what the fuck are you doing?
It's not funny no more i'm cold as fuck nigga
I ain't got no jacket nigga, shit, open up

Okay, i'm comin'
Walkin' to the door and i seem to notice somethin'
The floor is just a cloud of smoke and i'm runnin'
Reachin' at the end of the cloud and i'm jumpin'
Flowin' through the air just about to hear somethin'
Feel a lil shake and my body start buzzin' like

Nigga, you good? (yeah i'm cool dog)
Talking in your sleep and shit nigga, you tripping (shit, my bad)

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