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The Day I See You Again


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Walking home from work tonight
Your letter warm
I'm holding tight
Said you want to see me soon
I phoned you late this afternoon

The bar we first met
Seems alive
I'll see you there at eight tonight
Shouldn't think like this but
Is there something in us meeting now?

All this time
I've waited knowing
Though I've changed
My heart's still showing

I'll wear a new dress
Wash my clothes
I'll wear the earrings that you chose
If the man you've grown to be
Is more Morrison than Morrisey

I'll tell you straight
As we undress that
Things got better when you left and
Though I've banned your name since then
I'll call it with my dying breath

No one else
Would have me so
I've made this day of all days
The day i see you again

Will you know me
Will I cry
Will the years that passed decide
That even we who loved and lied
Shouldn't meet again tonight

Composición de Steve Hillier
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Fabricio Assis

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