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A Certain Sadness


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Look out the window at that rainstorm i've let the wind blow up a brainstorm and now i'm wondering whether weather like this gets you too

It may go on like this for hours too late in fall for april showers so i will court you got a thought or two i need to share with you
Here goes...

Darling tell me now have i done wrong somehow that you won't look at me?

Needn't point it out can't keep my wits about when you won't look at me

Is there something i ought to know you find it hard to say? well there's just a trace hiding on your face & i've learnt it that way

Just another soul that really knows my soul & you won't look at me does that take the prize how much i love those eyes? & they won't look at me

Now the rain has gone but something lingers on a certain sadness here now that the sky is clear

And it's oh so clear yes it's oh so clear to me now
And i can't help but fear that certain sadness here to stay...

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