Cifra Club

The Chauffeur

Duran Duran

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Em
[Intro] G  B

( Em  D  G  B )

Em              D          G                    B7
    Out on the tar plains   ...the glides are moving
Em         D           G             B
    All looking for a new place to drive
Em                D        G              B7
    You sit be - side me, newly charming
Em              D                G            B
    Sweating dewdrops glisten, fresh in your side

         G                       B7
And the sun drips down, bedding heavy behind
     Em                         B7
The front of your dress, all shadowy lined
           G              B                  Em            B
Then the droning engine throbs in time with your beating heart

( G  B  Em  B7  G  B  Em  B7 )

Em                D            G                  B7
    Way down the lane a way,      living for a - nother day
Em                D            G              B
    The aphids swarm up in the   ...drifting haze
Em                D                G                  B7
    Swim seagull in the sky to - wards that hollow western isle
Em             D              G           B
    My envied Lady holds you fast in her gaze!

C         C7/Bb          B              B7
    Sing------    blue silver

( Em  D  G  B )

Em                 D           G                B7
    And watching lovers part,   ...I feel you smiling
Em                 D               G            B
      What glass splinters lie so deep in your mind?
Em                 D
     To tear out from your eyes
          G                  B7
With a thought to stiffen brooding lies
Em                  D                   G          B
    And I'll only watch you leave me further be - hind

C         C7/Bb           B             B7
    Sing------     blue silver
C         C7/Bb           B7
    Sing, sing---- blue silver

[Final] Em  D  G  B7  Em  D  G  B
        Em  D  G  B7  Emmaj7
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Andy Taylor / Duran Duran / John Taylor / Nick Rhodes / Roger Taylor / Simon LeBon
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