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Earth From Above

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Mere men become legends by giving their all. Never waiting for something to happen, always in action. Are we those men, always fighting for the cause? We were sent out as sheep amidst the wolves. Led by the strength of something that brings us to our knees (2x). This is the moment we have been waiting for. We must shepherd the weak and lead the blind. This is the moment we have been waiting for. We are half way home, there's no turning back. Gather your armies. Pick up your weapons and follow me! (2x). This war, we choose to fight. We will fight, we will fight! Lets stop pretending that everything is fine. We're so uncertain of what is right. This war that I choose to fight. This is my battle cry! We were once martyrs upon mortals. Kings among men. Where did we go wrong? Open my eyes Lord. I want to see you. Let me truly see you. By the price of your blood, and the sacrifice of life, we will all stand for something higher than our heads...FATHER!!!
Having the courage to die for the ones YOU LOVE. Having the courage to fight for the ones YOU LOVE.

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