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Earth From Above

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A sudden realization is changing our ways.
Have we deliberately darkened our own days?
And Now we're only 48 hours away.
These times are dangerous for us.
Do not be led astray. (x2)

We have walked hand in hand with friends, sinners and transgressors.
The "righteous" despise Your name.
They question Your love for others.
1000 miles of tribulations have come down to this.
The time has come for us to see if prophecies really bring us bliss.
The serpent is roaming in the garden yearning to take control.
Hold fast for the Creator guards so no one will harm us anymore.
An alabaster box filled with the finest oils, cannot begin to compare to the price of His holy blood. With it He has prepared us all for our proper burials.

Oh, how I wish that I can save you now.
The truth is I can't even save myself.
I lift up my head hoping to make eye contact with You.
This awkward silence sends chills down my spine.
All will be restored... it's only a matter of time.
The One true hope for mankind.
This one thing I cannot deny.
So you've made this your personal endeavor: safeguard these friends from their early graves. So you have made this your personal endeavor: safeguard your friends from their early graves. Safeguard your friends from their early graves.

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  • Joel Almeida

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