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Elton John

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
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Tono: D
  A           G/A A           D7                               A           G/A A  
  Oh oh oh oh oh.  {4 times}  Oh oh oh oh oh.  Oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. 
         A         D/A     A         D/A    A 
Well I'm work shy.     I'm wild eyed     so shut that door when the baby cries. 
            D                 G/D  D 
And keep me well fed, give me warm bread.  
D                       / F# / A  A          A             D/A A 
Lay my body on a feather bed  and spoil me   Angeline. 
                     D                 A 
Get to work when the whistle screams   Angeline. 
      A        D/A  A        D/A  A 
Maybe someday,      some way     somewhere in the future there's more pay. 
        D                     G/D  D 
Give me more cash.   Bring me sour mash. 
                             / F#  / A   A        A         D/A A 
Peel me a grape and fetch my stash and bite me   Angeline. 
                      D             A 
Let me use you like a sex machine   Angeline. 
Chorus:       A     
You've got to swing that hammer, punch that card. 
Angeline I love you when you work so hard. 
Swing that hammer and sew my jeans. 
E                             D         A A G/A Em/A  A A G/A Em/A {twice} 
Angeline just loves it when I treat her mean. 
     A A G/A Em/A  A A G/A Em/A     A   Bm/A   A   G/A 
       A           D/A   A          D/A  A 
Well I talk tough.     I act rough.      Lay still honey I can't get enough. 
          D             G/D    D 
Keep your nose clean.   Let me be.    
                               / F#  / A   A          A         D/A A 
On your knees when you speak to me   and  trust me   Angeline. 
                         D                 A 
Talk real dirty and I'll make you scream   Angeline.
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