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Crying In The Chapel

Elvis Presley

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: B
B                           E                                      B
   You saw me crying in the chapel, the tears I shed were tears of joy
                         C#7      Em       F#              B
I know the meaning of contentment,  now I`m happy with the Lord

                             E                               B
   Just a plain and simple chapel, where humble people go to pray.
                               C#7      Em    F#                B   B7
I pray the Lord that I`ll grow stronger,  as I live from day to day

      E                 Em            B          Gm
I`ve searched, and I`ve searched, but I coudn`t find,
        C#7                             F#
   the way on earth to gain peace of mind.

                      E                               B
Now I`m happy in the chapel, where people are on one accord
                          C#7   Em       F#                  B E B B7
   Yes, we gather in the chapel, just to sing and praise the Lord
            E                 Em          B           Gm
   You`ll search, and you`ll search, but you`ll never find,
      C#7                           F#
   no way on earth to gain peace of mind

                          E                                  B
Take your troubles to the chapel, get down on your knees and pray.
                             C#7       Em            F#                 B
   Then your burdens will be lightened,   and you`ll surely find ...the way.
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    • Rafael Benevides

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