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I Gotta Know

Elvis Presley

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: G
[G]Get up in the mornin' feelin' might weak,
a tossin' and a turnin' well, I had ain't no [G7]sleep.
Oh baby, [C]what road's our love taking?
To [G]romance or heartbreaking',
[D7]won't you say which way you're gonna go,
I gotta [G]know, gotta [C]know, gotta [G]know.

[G]Nine and nine make fourteen, four and four make nine,
the clock is strikin' thirteen I think I lost my [G7]mind.
You know it's [C]gettin' aggravatin',
how [G]long can I keep waitin'?
[D7]Tell me if you love me yes or no,
I gotta [G]know, gotta [C]know, gotta [G7]know.

[C]Oh, how [D7]much I [G]need you,
have [C]pity on this [D7]heart of [G]mine.
Well, [C]if you [D7]need and [G]want me [Em]too,
I'll [A7]be your one and only till the [D7]end of time.

[G]Saw the fortune teller, had my fortune read,
she sent me to the doctor, who sent me straight to [G7]bed.
He said I'm [C]lonesome and I'm lovesick,
I've [G]got my mind on lipstick.
[D7]Will you kiss away my cares and woe?
I gotta [G]know, gotta [C]know, gotta [G]know.
Composición de Matt Williams / Paul Evans
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