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Tomorrow's Shadow


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Time flies by, day to day
I start to question decisions made
I see old friends don't understand
What lies ahead already planned
Apprehensive insecurity
Torn between two realities
Stuck in a rut 9 to 5
Scared to death if I'll survive
Can I continue to chase my dreams
Or will it catch up to me
Problems I don't want to face
To disappear without a trace
Is there a way for us to see
What lies ahead, where we will be
Is there a way for us to know
Do we have a choice, do we have control
Feel the heat it's on back
Concerned of what it is I lack
Pressure mounts it's at my heels
Sometimes I think this can't be real
Will I let this drag me down
Am I the only one around
Unable to figure for myself
Which cards to keep from which I'm dealt
Do I stay or should I fold
This game we play is getting old
There comes a time for letting go
Of all the truths you think you know
I want to do what's right for me
But sometimes it's so hard to see
Which path to take, which bond to break
I can't forget my own mistakes
I won't accept mediocrity
I can't go on unless I'm truly being me
And if that means, you don't approve
Too fucking bad my mind is set and I won't move

Composição de Ensign
Colaboración y revision:
  • Marcelo Faria

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