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15 Years


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Running around in circles
Always trying to please you
I just wanted you to see
My life had meaning and
I was doing something real
I tried explaining
But it fell upon deaf ears
So many years have passed, and you
You don抰 know who I am
I抦 still caught up in that phase
Did I really throw my life away
How can you look me in the eye
And say you抮e proud
When you know it抯 all a lie
15 years
Do you know how they were spent
So far from wasted
But you just don抰 get it
Face to face
Without a thing to say
What抯 the point when it won抰 ever change
Time and time again
I blame myself
Never good enough
I was never good enough for you
But now I know who I am
Even though you never cared
I抦 better off just standing on my own

Composição de Ensign
Colaboración y revision:
  • Marcelo Faria

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