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So far from where I started
So many different paths to take
And I never said I'm sorry
For all the promises I didn't break
Where did it go, the bond between us
Something changed, and I took the blame
Played the fool, found out the hard way
I run it back, it's all the same

I have no reason to fear tomorrow
I don't regret what I did today
This void between us it grows deeper
And I can't find the words to sy

What did I get, for all the trying
So much effort and wasted time
It's said and done, I shed the blame
I'm on my own and I still feel the fucking same
The same

I stayed true to what we said
Did you think I'd turn away
I reach to you with an outstretched hand
Just to see you turn away

Composição de Clovis Taylor/Daniel Glendining/Ensign/Nick Watts/Tom Glendining
Colaboración y revision:
  • Marcelo Faria
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