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Fates Prophecy

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You lie to your people,
You lie to yourself
Inside of your TV channel
Your money can buy anything
Your money can make war
Now we're just
Politicians toys. And you?
You are a just fuckin' gambler
Laughing, watching in your temple
Our kids dying
Injected with needles
God is so good for you
See ... Your cash is sacred
Devil's whispers calling you!!
Pay and you will be save
Day after day - they come here again
Day after day - money's comming back
Day after day - people pay to pray
Day after day - pass the money pack
Religion and corruption, side by side
Holidays with girls and drugs
You're driving your black cadillac
Smokin' and drinking Jack! ! !
Getting fat with faithful's money
Your ambition is bigger than your faith
You can buy all my dreams
And I'll pay to get in heaven

Composición de Almeida
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Márcio Santos
  • Juliett Peixoto

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