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Fefe Dobson

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: Bb
Transcribed: KatieThe songs starts with just piano and the an acoustic guitar comes inon the chorus, but this is everything for guitar.Piano runs on guitar (they're everywhere in the song, mainly at theend of the verses, choruses, after the 2 line in the vereses. listento the song find them all)Run1                    Run2e-6-5-3-3------             e-8-7-5-5------|b--------4p3-1-         b--------6p5-3-|g--------------         g--------------|d--------------         d--------------|a--------------         a--------------|b--------------         e--------------|Intro: C G Am F DVerse1:C                G      Am        FDon't only wanna dream about you, yeahC                            Am           F   (run1)Cuz a dream like this should never be this hardC                 G       Am        FIf I should live this life without you, yeahC            G               DI'd come back and try it from the startChorus:(run1)           CAnd I'll show you love       G          AmBecause we're all alone    G             FPut business aside               DFor life passes by                CAnd I'll part your hair     G                 AmWhen it's in your eyesFLoveD                                   FLittle red houses down under in my mind(run1 or G0Verse2:(same as above)Never had the need to know ya, yeahUntil I heard you sing to me at nightNow all I wanna do is show ya, yeahHow to turn the darkness into lightChorus:(same as above)And I'll show you loveBecause we're all alonePut business asideFor life passes byAnd I'll part your hairWhen it's in your eyesLoveDirty stained jeans with the patches on the sideC Am F G repeat a bunch of timesAnd I'm comin' around x3(Modulation to D)F              DAnd I'll show you love       A          BmBecause we're all alone    A             GPut business aside               EFor life passes by                DAnd I'll part your hair     A                 BmWhen it's in your eyesGLoveE                                   FLittle red houses down under in my mindRun2, D
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de César Augusto Andino / Fefe Dobson / J. Levine
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