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Flatbush Zombies

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Yeah, yeah
I don't sweat her texts (no) my life is a test (test, yeah)
Takes a little effort (effort) makes a lot of stress (uh huh, stress)
Supposed to be this way (way) who could lead the way? (way)
Them shades a couple K's (K's) we don't see the same (Uh-huh)
Do I need a name? (fame) Do we flee from fame (name)
Now that's a cold case (case) and I see the same (same)
You're supposed to be the king (king) let me see your wings (wings)
Spread the gospel goal (goal) and let freedom ring
I swear it's so amazin'
I swear it's so amazin'
Yeah I feel like on vacation
They wanna be me, I ain't dead yet, no
If you wanna ride you need a spaceship
Ay baby, don't get impatient, no
Gotta hustle 'til you make it, Lord
Yeah, I

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  • Danni Winters

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