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Waiting For a Girl Like You


Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
tone: Db (chord shape for key of C) Capo on fret 1
Am G6 Am G6 - INTRO RIFF x 2

   Am                              G6

Am     G6              Am                          G6
So....long  i've been looking too hard  i've been waiting too long
 Am                     G6
Sometimes i don't know what i will find  
Am                  G6
I only know it's a matter of time
          Em          D            Em      D
When you love someone    when you love someone
    Em                 D
It feels so right  so warm and true
Em                     D       E
I need to know if you feel it too
Fmaj7       G              Fmaj7                 G
Maybe i'm wrong  won't you tell me if i'm coming on too strong
     Fmaj7                   G           Fmaj7                   G
This heart of mine has been hurt before  this time i want to be sure

           Dm                              Bb           Dm
I've been waiting for a girl like you  to come into my life
           Dm                             Bb               Dm
I've been waiting for a girl like you  a love that will survive
           Dm                          Bb           Dm
I've been waiting for someone new  to make me feel alive
      Dm                              Bb           Dm
Yeah waiting for a girl like you  to come into my life

(intro riff x 2)

       Am  G6        Am                G6
You're so good  when we make love it's understood
      Am                     G6
It's more than a touch or a word we say
Am                      G6
Only in dreams could it be this way
          Em         D               Em         D E
When you love someone   yeah really love someone

Fmaj7            G
Now i know it's right 
          Fmaj7                 G
From the moment i wake up 'til deep in the night
         Fmaj7                     G
There's nowhere on earth that i'd rather be
            Fmaj7       G
Then holding you tenderly

(refrão) (2x)

(intro riff) (até o fim - vocalizações)
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Other videos of this song
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