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Mountains To Move

Gavin Degraw

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
C/G  Am  G  (x3)

 C/G           Am    G       C/G     Am   G
Sunlight goes down, as you pack up your things
 C/G         Am     G        C/G     Am   G
Feelings amount, we can work out the kinks
 C/G            Am     G            C/G    Am   G
Your eyes on fire, as you drag him towards the door
 C/G          Am     G             F
Your bags so heavy, leavin' marks across the floor

 C/G     G     Am    F
I guess, I win, goodbye again
 C/G   G     Am    F
Go spread the news, Oh and don't forget your shoes
              C/G   G
It's going to be a long walk
 Am           F
And you know what you could lose
 C/G    G            F       C/G    Am   G C/G Am G
Oh,        when you've got mountains to move

 C/G           Am     G        C/G     Am    G
I suppose you can't leave the mark of all your saints
 C/G             Am     G             C/G    Am     G
You aim too high, and I'm just trying to keep it straight
 C/G                Am
Worse times are coming and I don't have to tell you,
 G           C/G    Am G
Times are already hard,
 C/G           Am     G                      F
Good luck out there getting where you think you're heading for


  G       Am
And oh, once I was a fool
    F        C/G    G  Am
Who would brush all my fears aside
      F     G        F
There was nothing I wouldn't do
  G    Am            F       C/G    G
But now, I really seen the world on the surface
 Am       F         G      F
Just, doesn't show you what it hides,  oh, no, no


C/G   Am   G
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