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The Man And The Wolf

Gustavo Bertoni


Once upon a time,
A story of a man took place deep into the woods
I heard he lived all by himself, lost in his own mind
Hoping that he’d find the reason for his vex
Months went by
He pondered. “oh God, oh why?” he wondered

Searching in the past, memories that rest
Deeply in his veins while waiting for the light
To guide him to the river, the river of the wise
A wolf hid in disguise and followed his every step
Years went by
He pondered. “oh God, oh why?” he wondered

From the distance he could smell the water
The wind whispered words of care
He smiled in joy hence he would get his answers
As the wolf approached, it hesitated

Behold a light in the dark!
A new man now he faced
With both feet on the water
No longer scared of its fangs
He invites the wolf in
Relating now with his fears
Reinventing his shadow
Shining joy in his tears

Composición de Gustavo Bertoni
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Selmara

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